How To Maintain & Care For Your New Residential Window Tint

How To Maintain & Care For Your New Residential Window Tint

فروش توری پنجره دوجدارهIf you are one of thousands of Americans who have recently opted for a residential window tint, know that you have made an excellent choice! Over the following months, you will enjoy improved energy savings, a more balanced temperature in the home, and UV protection. Many people are so impressed by the benefits of window tints that they wish to prolong their tint's performance as long as possible. If you are interested in learning how to maintain and care for your new residential window tint, read on for some industry-insider tips to keep your film in shape!

Respect the film dry-out time.

When you first book your installation, Window Genie experts will apply a mounting solution so that the film can adhere to your windows properly. Though you may be tempted to touch or even start cleaning your newly-filmed windows immediately after installation, you need to respect the dry-out time. During the dry-out, you may see small water beading, or a slightly cloudy appearance on your windows, but you must resist the urge to break out the cloths and spray bottles! This is a natural part of the dry-out phase, and the marks will soon fade. Tampering with the film before it has dried will distort the look of your windows by causing minor wrinkles and imperfections. Cold weather may lengthen the required dry-out time, while warm weather and sun exposure can speed up the drying process.

No cleaning for 30 days!

For many home owners, the thought of neglecting cleaning duties for a full 30 days may seem absurd. For others, this news may be the perfect justification for a luxurious break from window-cleaning duties! Whatever your reaction, you need to observe this rule. Do not clean your windows for up to 30 days after installation. Allow the film to set fully before exposing it to harsh cleaning solutions and vigorous wiping.

How to clean for your new film:

Once the 30-day window has expired, you may begin cleaning your windows. Adhere to the following instructions for best results:
* Always ensure that you are using clean and soft cloth materials to both wash and dry the newly-filmed surfaces. A soft microfiber cloth is recommended.
* Most glass cleaners are acceptable for film-covered windows. A good home solution is to add a half-ounce of dish soap to a quart of fresh water, then apply liberally as you would normally use a window cleaning solution.
* Use one cloth entirely for the washing process, and a second soft, clean, and dry cloth for the drying process. A squeegee can be substituted here for more skilled window cleaners.
* Avoid the use of bristled brushes or particularly abrasive sponges, as these riskthis risks scratching or otherwise marring damaging your window film. Similarly, using a soiled cloth to wash or dry risks leaving scratches due to the leftover dirt particles.
* Be wary of paper towel. Some modern brands are actually coarse enough to risk finely scratching your new window film. These scratches are very small and will be difficult to spot in the beginning, but will cause your film to gradually deteriorate over time.

Caring for your window tint needn't be that tough a task. Really, if these simple rules and guidelines are observed, cleaning and caring for your windows is almost as easy as calling in the Window Genie experts for your install. If cleaning concerns left you reluctant about your new window installation, you can rest assured that it is a simpley process. Call Window Genie today to schedule your window tint installation!

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